According to the Bible, God created all matter over the course of one week while hovering above the waters of the world. On the 7th day the jewel in the creator’s path set foot on the soil of the earth and so God’s work was completed.

Over the course of 2016 my team and I created the ‘Genesis’ brand movie for one of Holland’s most promising and upcoming talents in the world of high end fashion, Mirte van Wijngaarden. Her style is defined by combining raw, natural and rough materials.

The award winning menswear fashion designer has shown her collections at diverse platforms with the likes of the highly anticipated and valued catwalk of ‘The Amsterdam Fashion Week’. Inspired by the cavemen, Mirte creates one of kind fashion items that are designed to be worn only by real men.

Director – Robin Piree
Producors – Robin Piree & Nadjim Tsouli
Concept & Scenario – Robin Piree & Ashar Medina
Director of Photography – Aziz Al-Dilaimi
Focus Puller – Lena de Boer
Gaffer – Arthur Vis & Dennis Vlot
Best Boy 1 – Symen Hoogesteger
Best Boy 2 – Henno Wardenaar
Hair & Make-up – Klai Rung
Styling – Mirte van Wijngaarden
Production Assistant – Lianne Schenk
Composer – Thomas Goralski
Sound Designer – Tom Jansen
Voice-Over Artist – Celine Bernaerts
Sound Technician – Bob Sandee
Editor – Robin Piree
Colorist – Qianwei Tong
Graphics – Marcel Oudendijk
Compositing – Gregoire Verweijen
Male Model – Ewout Stradmeijer
Female Model – Kylie Brons
Hand Model – Janiek Koppe
Additional Footage – Mitch Martinez
BTS Photography – Allard Timmermans

Special Thanks To
Het Raam camera Rentals
Jack Oomen
Marcel Holwedel
Panos Breda
Schram Studio’s
Spurd Leeghwaterbad
Touché Models


With the collection VICTORIOUS, Mirte want to emphasize the evolution from a boy becoming a man. A transformation that every man goes through in his life. Walking this road, he will have to face different emotional obstacles.

I would like to present you this evolution by filming VICTORIOUS.

Camera – Michiel van de Zandt
Director –  Robin Zom
Hair & make-up – Linsey Ladru
Photographer – Mandy Kuipers
Styling – Mirte van Wijngaarden
Boy model – Levi Dubois
Male model – Daan Faasen

Special Thanks To
Alpha male models
Eefje van Daal Agency

Dotan – Let the river in

Produced – Boomerang Motion X Boomerang Create
Camera – Eldin Fetahovic
Director – Eldin Fetahovic – Jan kooijman
Choreography – Jan Kooijman
Styling – Mirte van Wijngaarden

Victorious AFW 2014

Video created for Mirte van Wijngaarden’s show at Amsterdam Fashion Week 2014.

Music – Pim Mulders
Visuals & edit – Michelle van Mil

Victorious AFW backstage

Backstage movie collection Victorious 2014 – Fashionweek Amsterdam

Models – Eefje van Daal Model Agency
Styling – Dieudonnee Bouwman
Music – Pim Mulders
Camera – Fleur van der Spruit
Visuals & edit – Michelle van Mil