The SS ’15 collection is a translation of the passage from boy to man. The journey of life in which the young man searches for his own identity, full of emotional obstacles, which he will have to defy. In the collection Mirte shows this fight with the use of many contrasting materials: unique fabrics with special coatings and many different natural materials – you can think of jute, linen, leather and cotton. On top of that, the self-developed fabric is a striking statement within the collection. Inspired by the coat of mail in combination with the armor was a jute base modified with latex and then with leather and lead, with which pronounced shapes are created. The young designer herself has also developed a print that came with different pieces to see is back. This print refers to the way the man travels in his personal development. The materials and prints are combined with details that are reminiscent of the scars that he incurs during his emotional obstacles. The colors of the collection are inspired by nature and are combined with different army-tones.

Pictures: Peter Stigter