About me

Mirte van Wijngaarden; a Dutch fashion designer. Born 1st of april 1987. Raised in Breda, the Netherlands.

In 2013, Mirte van Wijngaarden graduated her fashion degree at the Willem de Kooning Academy. During her internship she ejoyed the expertise of Cedric Jacquemyn, a Belgium fashion designer from Antwerp.

Her work is recognizable by using existing masculine fashion elements,
changing them into a new groundbreaking designs.

She combines different textures and materials and combines them in a way that creates unique volumes and shapes. The results are an innovate vision on fashion.

The unfinished details and raw seams, which look like scars, embody the feeling of masculinity. The collection also includes a wide variety of playful details that are outcome of creating rough shapes.

Every detail refers to the resilience and strength of the man.